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Why Shutters Are the Perfect Fit for a Nursery

23rd February 2022

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When you have a baby on the way, life can get a little hectic. It feels like there are a million and one things to do before they arrive and there’s a good chance it could either be an early or a late birth – so who knows how much time you’ll have to prepare? 

One thing lots of expectant parents try to get sorted before the baby comes, however, is a room that has everything the baby needs. This is often complete with decoration, furniture and toys – but there’s an even more important aspect to address for any nursery: the window dressing.

This month at James Martin Blinds, we’re going to make the case for shutters and why they’re the perfect fit for your nursery, whether you have a little one on the way or are already raising a toddler. 


Keep them safe 

Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to babies and toddlers. Making their room as safe as possible involves making sure there are no ways for them to injure themselves. All small children have curious minds, wanting to explore all of their surroundings, which is why safety has to be factored into every aspect of a nursery room.

With shutters over your windows, there are no cords or strings to pose a risk to safety, just a simple and traditional design. They also add another layer between the room and window if you like to keep the window itself open for fresh air.


Control the light

No matter what room you have shutters installed in, you’re getting fantastic control over lighting. But when it comes to a nursery, that can be a real godsend! 

Young children and babies require plenty of sleep and will nap during the day, which means the ability to completely block out sunlight in the middle of the day is very welcome for tired parents. On the flipside, adjustable louvres mean you can flood the room with light when it’s time to wake up and play.


Reduce outside noise

Following on from the previous point about babies and toddlers requiring more sleep, if you live in a busy area, you might want to consider shutters for their ability to reduce noise. Depending on the material they’re made with, you could see a significant reduction in noise from traffic and busy streets to provide a quieter sleeping arrangement come naptime.


Keep things clean

Young children have a special knack for creating mess. Whether that’s sticky hands or going rogue with crayons, in what can seem like a never-ending battle to keep their room clean, shutters can feel like a blessing.

In most cases, all they need is a simple wipe with a damp cloth before using a dry cloth to pick up any moisture. Not only does that give you peace of mind, but it also saves you time when it comes to doing general cleaning.


Add some style

While all the practical elements listed above make perfect sense, there is still something to be said for adding a sense of style to a room. Whether it’s a nursery or your own bedroom, you want your house to look its best, which is why shutters are such a perfect choice.

Giving a room a traditional aesthetic, while still being able to select a colour to suit your tastes, means you don’t need to sacrifice on style to help your child sleep better. You can choose from MDF shutters or painted shutters here at James Martin Blinds, ensuring there is an option to suit any nursery or children’s bedroom.


Shutters from James Martin Blinds

Wherever you are in Essex – including Chelmsford and Colchester – you can create your dream nursery with window shutters designed and installed by our professional team.

We provide home visits where a member of our friendly team will listen to your requirements and help you select the most suitable shutter style to suit your home. And when it comes to fitting, we never subcontract our work, so you know you’ll be receiving the highest levels of workmanship from us.

Get all of the above benefits for your nursery by calling us today to arrange your appointment.

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