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The Ultimate Guide to Roman Blinds

10th January 2023

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One of the most enduringly popular blind styles is the Roman blind. Whether you realise it or not, you’re likely to have been in a room that has been fitted with Roman blinds at one time or another. But what are they exactly, where did they come from and what advantages do they give you in the home? 

This month at James Martin Blinds, we’ve put together an ultimate guide to Roman blinds so that you can understand everything you need to know about this particular blind style in one easy read. Let’s start with what they are and where they originated from.

What are Roman blinds?

As you probably guessed, this blind style dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, which goes to show just how long they’ve been in style. The Romans gave us plenty of great inventions that have lasted because of their practicality, and the use of linen folds as window coverings is just one of them.

While Roman blinds were once used to protect homes from the dust kicked up on roads outside by passing horses, they’re often a more stylistic choice these days. Roman blinds in the modern home are sheets of fabric hung over the window that can be raised to let in light and air. When raised, the material folds evenly and neatly upwards, gathering over the upper portion of the window. For this reason, the fabrics often come with patterns that face into the room or can be chosen in a colour that best complements – or contrasts – a room’s theme.

The advantages of Roman blinds

All blinds have their own unique advantages that make them more suitable for certain homes, and Roman blinds are no different. Here are the four main advantages of Roman blinds so that you can decide whether they’re the best fit for your requirements:

  1. Roman blinds offer a softer texture to a room
  2. Roman blinds provide complete privacy 
  3. Roman blinds look great open or closed
  4. Roman blinds help to keep rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter

What fabrics do Roman blinds use?

One of the great, versatile aspects of Roman blinds is the variety of materials that can be used to construct them. Whether you want a single sheet of fabric, something thick and plush or a blackout lining to help keep a room dark, you can add a touch of elegance through your fabric choices.

We find layered or blackout-lined Roman blinds are popular for bedrooms as they can keep the sunlight or light from the street out of the room for any light sleepers or small children. They also add that softer, textured feature to a bedroom that makes it feel cosier and more homely.

How do you install Roman blinds?

Roman blinds can be hung in two different ways: you can either install them inside the recess of the window, matching the exact proportion of the recess, or you can hang them outside of the recess with material that overlaps either side of the recess. 

How you have your Roman blinds hung will influence how much material you require and which method is used to physically fit the blind. If you’re seeking to make a room feel larger, we recommend having the blind fitted within the recess, though this can leave gaps along the sides which may let light in — this is why it’s important to consult the experts when choosing blinds for your home.

Here at James Martin Blinds, we stock a huge range of colours and materials in Roman blinds to help you complete the look of your home. Visit us at one of our showrooms or contact us today for a free home visit and quote with a professional member of our team wherever you are in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and the home counties.

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